PRELIMINARY REPORTS and unpublished papers available solely via arXiv

  1. M. Znojil and D. I. Borisov,
    Avoided level crossings in polynomial potentials with N thick barriers

  2. M. Znojil,
    Non-Hermitian N-state degeneracies: unitary realizations via antisymmetric anharmonicities
    (arXiv:2010.15014, superseded by 2102.12272 which is currrently Phys. Rev. E, in print)

  3. M. Znojil,
    Hilbert spaces of states of PT-symmetric harmonic oscillator near exceptional points
    (arXiv:2008.04012, superseded by the open access paper: MZ, Scientific Reports 10(1) (2020) 18523)

  4. Miloslav Znojil,
    Hiddenly Hermitian quantum models: The concept of perturbations
    (arXiv:1908.03017v1) [v2 is published]

  5. Miloslav Znojil,
    Klein-Gordon equation with the time- and space-dependent mass: Unitary evolution picture
    (arXiv:1702.08493v1) [v2 is published]

  6. Miloslav Znojil,
    Quasi-exact solvability of spiked harmonic oscillators
    (arXiv:1607.01297) [v2 is published]

  7. Sergii Kuzhel and Miloslav Znojil,
    Quantum solvable models with nonlocal one point interactions.
    (arXiv:1607.00350v1) [v2 is published]

  8. Miloslav Znojil,
    Non-analytic exponential well $V(x)= -g^2\exp (-|x|)$ and an innovated, analytic shooting method

  9. Miloslav Znojil,
    Action-at-a-distance in a solvable quantum model

  10. Miloslav Znojil,
    Comment on letter "Local PT symmetry violates the no-signaling principle" by Yi-Chan Lee et al, Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 130404 (2014)
    (arXiv:1404.1555v1) [unpublished]

  11. Miloslav Znojil,
    Can unavoided level crossing disguise phase transition?

  12. Miloslav Znojil,
    Quantum catastrophes II. Generic pattern of the fall into instability

  13. Miloslav Znojil,
    PT-symmetry and quantum graphs

  14. Miloslav Znojil,
    The complete menu of eligible metrics for a family of toy Hamiltonians $H \neq H^\dagger$ with real spectra
    ( arXiv:0806.4295v2)

  15. Miloslav Znojil,
    PT-symmetric Sturmians

  16. Miloslav Znojil,
    Two-step identification of observables in PT-symmetric quantum-toboggan models

  17. Miloslav Znojil,
    PT-symmetric knotting of coordinates: a new, topological mechanism of quantum confinement.
    (arXiv: 0801.0517v1)

  18. Miloslav Znojil,
    A schematic model of scattering in PT-symmetric Quantum Mechanics

  19. Miloslav Znojil,
    Spiked harmonic quantum toboggans
    (quant-ph/0606166v1), unpublished version.
    Quantum particle is assumed located in an analytically perturbed harmonic-oscillator potential. Its motion along certain complex, PT-symmetric "toboggan" paths which N-times encircle the branch point in the origin is studied in both the bound-state and scattering regime.

  20. Miloslav Znojil,
    Unusual scalar products in Hilbert space of Quantum Mechanics: non-Hermitian square-well model with two coupled channels

  21. Miloslav Znojil,
    Calogerian models, osculation method and low-lying spectra of many-particle anharmonic oscillators
    extended abstract, in Biennial Report of NPI (ed. J. Dittrich), available upon emailed request

  22. Miloslav Znojil,
    PT-symmetry, ghosts, SUSY and Klein-Gordon equation.
    (hep-th/0408081), invited talk XI SYMPHYS Prague, June 21 - 24, 2004
    (the text and all proceedings (on CD) are available from organizers upon request)

  23. Miloslav Znojil,
    Supersymmetric quantum mechanics and regularizations
    (hep-th/0209262v1), preliminary notes for the invited talk in Valladolid (July 2003) - unpublished in this form.

  24. Miloslav Znojil,
    Pseudo-Hermitian version of the charged harmonic oscillator and its ``forgotten" exact solutions
    (quant-ph/0206085), preliminary version of the invited talk, CRM, Montreal, Autumn 2002, unpublished in this form

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